Nevada Moves Closer To Online Casino Regulations


It is becoming easier and easier for gamblers to place bets in Nevada. The latest proposal on the table would allow gamblers to place their wagers from a mobile device directly to the casino resort at which they are staying.

The bill, if passed, would move Nevada one step closer to online gambling freedom. The mobile device betting would be a step in the direction of complete online gambling freedom for Nevadians and travelers visiting the gaming capital of the US. Currently, bettors can only gamble on casino floors in the Nevada resorts.

Nevada is facing one of their longest droughts ever when it comes to casino revenue. Competition has grown from all areas of the US, and the increase in national casinos have kept gamblers away from Sin City. Lawmakers and casino owners have been looking for ways to make Las Vegas a prime gaming destination once again.

The new law would have some safeguards written into it. Gamblers would every once in a while have to enter their PIN number to ensure that the proper gambler is using the device. It is also a safeguard against possible underage gambling. Over the past decade, underage gambling has increased in casinos around the US.

This month, Bally’s in Atlantic City was fined for allowing underage gambling back in July of 2009. The incident involved a nineteen year old woman who was playing slots at the casino. Dozens of other casinos around the country have been fined for similar offenses.

Nevada lawmakers are also discussing a bill that would regulate online poker. If passed, it would become the first of its kind in the US. Florida and California have similar bills that have been proposed. To date, no online regulations are in place in any states in the US.


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